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What Is iZone Air Conditioning?

Introducing iZone, a highly innovative smart climate control system that can take any ducted air conditioner and make it more effective, efficient, and affordable to run.

This smart home technology is a wireless system that allows you to automatically and manually adjust the airflow, air distribution, and temperature in each room of your home. As a smart home system, iZone can be used anywhere and at any time. If you have a ducted air conditioning system, you can enjoy greater control, greater savings, and greater precision by adding iZone to your home.

As an authorised iZone dealer, Absolute Airflow can guide you in the supply, installation, maintenance, and repair of the iZone climate control system. Read on to learn more or contact us today for a chat and a quote.

Why Choose iZone?

With the iZone climate control system, you can get even more from your ducted air conditioning. With iZone, you can create up to 14 different zones in your home using a combination of touchscreen controllers and wireless wall sensors.

The touchscreen controllers allow you to manually change the airflow, distribution and temperature in individual rooms with ultra-fine precision. The wireless wall sensors allow for real-time monitoring and automatic adjustments to maintain the ideal temperature in each room.

You can also control your iZone system using a smart device, whether you’re at home or out and about.

Here are just four great reasons to choose iZone from Absolute Airflow:
  • Real-time temperature monitoring and adjustment for premium comfort and energy savings
  • Smart device control means you can activate your system at work and come home to a perfectly heated or cooled property
  • iZone installation is affordable and scalable to suit any budget
  • No compromise on aesthetics, with sensors, controllers, grilles, switches, and diffusers in a range of styles

To learn more about the benefits of iZone and to find out if it’s right for you, call Absolute Airflow today for a discussion and a quote.

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