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What Is Bulkhead Air Conditioning?

Perfect for commercial spaces such as restaurants, retail, and hospitality, bulkhead air conditioning is a great option where discreet design and effective performance are paramount. Bulkhead air conditioning may also be suitable for your home if you don’t have space for conventional air conditioning units.

Many heating and cooling systems take up space on your wall or floor, but not bulkhead air conditioners. Whether you’re searching for discreet heating or cooling, these systems can provide. In fact, the only part of your bulkhead system that you will be able to see is the grilles that are used for drawing in and distributing air. These grills will fit flush with your ceiling for the most seamless HVAC solution you have ever seen!

Absolute Air Flow is proud to supply, install, maintain, and repair bulkhead systems from leading brands such as Daikin. Talk to us today to find out if bulkhead air conditioners are the best solution for you. 

Why Choose Bulkhead Air Conditioning?

They say limitations are the key to great creativity, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to bulkhead air conditioning. These systems flourish in environments where more common air conditioners might not be suitable, and they produce excellent results.

Choose bulkhead air conditioning from Absolute Airflow for:
  • Heating and cooling that is quiet, comfortable, efficient, and effective
  • Properties with tight or shallow ceiling spaces
  • Rooms with limited floor or wall space, or for when you just want more room to decorate!
  • Seamless air conditioning systems that sit flush with the wall

For more information on the supply, installation, maintenance or repair of leading brand bulkhead air conditioners in Melbourne, contact Absolute Airflow today.

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