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There may be few things more luxurious than underfloor heating, but it’s also incredibly practical. When you choose Absolute Airflow for underfloor hydronic heating, you can enjoy a cost-effective and comfortable way of heating your entire home.

There are several methods of underfloor hydronic heating, and Absolute Airflow can recommend the best system for your home. We specialise in hydronic heating supply, installation, repair, and maintenance in Melbourne.

Slab Hydronic Heating

In-slab hydronic heating offers the most affordable way of installing underfloor heating systems. Slab hydronic heating involves the installation of pipes to create zoned floor heating throughout your home. While it offers cost-effective installation, slab hydronic heating usually required more energy to reach your chosen temperature.

In-Screed Heating

An alternative to slab heating, in-screed heating involves installing half of the slab and then adding the hydronic heating and a layer of insulation. This system will generally be more expensive to install but also more efficient, with less heat loss than slab hydronic heating.


Laid over new or existing slabs, Minitec underfloor heating is utilised in installations where you want to save space. With a smaller piping system and a thin screed, Minitec allows you to enjoy underfloor heating with minimal addition to the height of your floor.

Heat Diffusion Plates

If no form of slab heating is available to you, hydronic heating plates and pipes can be positioned in between your floor joists. Heat travels through the pipes and out of the diffusion plates for an even distribution throughout your floor.

Electric Under Tile Heating

In some cases, hydronic underfloor heating may not be suitable for your property at all. If you still want to enjoy underfloor heating in smaller spaces such as bathrooms, electric under tile heating may be the perfect alternative.

To discuss your options, explore the links below or contact the Absolute Airflow team today.

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