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What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

If you’re looking for a sleek, seamless, and highly effective way to cool your home or business, look no further than ducted air conditioning from Absolute Airflow. Perfect for a wide range of properties, ducted cooling and heating offers a range of advantages for any home or business.

Ducted air conditioning utilises a series of ducts and grilles to heat or cool your home. Ductwork is positioned throughout your property, and when activated, fresh air flows throughout the ducts and through the vents in your ceiling or floor.

Ducted air conditioning can be zoned, or it can travel through your entire property, making it a highly effective solution for maintaining temperature throughout every room of your home or business.

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is a tried and true way to heat or cool any property. Absolute Airflow offers a range of options for you, including the installation of new ductwork or retrofitting an existing system in your property. You can customise the appearance of your vents and grilles and create a seamless air conditioning system that flows gracefully from your ceiling or floor.

From single-phase and three-phase power options to standard and custom finishes, Absolute Airflow does it all.

Choose ducted air conditioning from Absolute Airflow for:
  • Heating and cooling your entire home to business
  • Excellent zoning and control options for added energy efficiency
  • A stylish, seamless, and customisable system that blends with your property
  • Affordable and energy-efficient, with the potential to utilise existing ductwork

Offering an end-to-end service for homes and businesses, Absolute Airflow can supply, install, maintain, and repair your ducted air conditioning in Melbourne. For premium yet affordable solutions for brands such as Brivis, Daikin, and Rinnai, you can’t go wrong with our team. To get started with a quote, contact Absolute Airflow today.

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