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Why Buy a Rinnai Energysaver Heater this Autumn?

Apr 02, 2024 Rinnai Energy Saver Heater in room

According to the DCCEEW, residential HVAC systems account for between 20% to 50% of the total energy used in Australian homes. For properties with poor insulation or inefficient heating, these figures rise even higher during the colder months.

From high mortgage rates to serious cost of living pressures, there’s no shortage of reasons to invest in more efficient heating systems. As you can probably tell from the name, the Rinnai Energysaver is a cost-effective option that allows you to save serious money on power bills.

As Autumn begins to kick into gear and the cooler weather sets in, there’s no better time than now to invest in an energy saving heating system. As we’ll go on to highlight below, Rinnai’s Energysavers range is a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and highly reliable option.

Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown!

Rinnai Energysaver Heaters: An Overview

Initially founded in Nagoya, Japan, Rinnai has been a trusted industry name for more than 50 years. Today, they continue to be one of the largest suppliers of heating systems in Australia. From gas log fires to ducted heating, electrical panel, space heaters and more, their heating solutions are both diverse and versatile.

As you can probably tell by the name, Rinna’s energysavers collection was created to provide homes and businesses with efficient, eco-friendly heating. This collection includes everything from compact units that are well suited to bedrooms and living rooms, as well as commercial systems that can heat schools, gyms, and churches.

Every Rinnai Energysaver has been rigorously checked and certified by the Australian Gas Association.

1. Energy-efficient

Compared to traditional heating methods, Rinnai Energysaver provides maximum efficiency with a minimum 4.8-star energy rating. The Rinnai Energysaver heater can outperform other forms of heating in terms of energy costs and overall energy consumption.

2. Reliable Warranty

Rinnai gives you peace of mind with a convenient warranty option. For domestic use, the heat exchanger has a warranty of up to 10 years, two years of security for the fan, one year for all other parts, and one year for free labour. You have a one-year warranty covering all parts and free labour for commercial use.

3. Child-Safe

There’s no need to stress about your heater being accessed overnight. With child-locking features, you can control who accesses your Rinnai heating system. Prevent inquisitive fingers from tampering with the temperature levels.

4. Easy installation

The power flue design supports a flexible installation, with multiple options to suit your home. Flueing Options include the Rear External Wall, Sideways External Wall, Through Wall and Up, Down and Out and the In-wall Vertical. Along with the Down and Out flue design, a minimum 300mm vertical clearance must be at the base of the flue terminal.

5. Fresh air

Does your family member struggle with asthma or dust-mite allergies? The Rinnai sends out warm, clean air, creating zero emissions for any space, which is ideal if you’re susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems. A power flue system expels the combustion products outside, leaving the air healthy inside.

6. Instant Heat

All Energysaver heaters include a humidifier tray. Increasing the humidity in the room by adding water to the tray allows you to experience a warmer, more comfortable space. With quick heating capabilities, the Rinnai allows instant heat for comfort and convenience. The entire family can be toasty and warm during the night!

7. Dual digital timers

Rinnai has various smart technology features, and remote control scheduling options improve your user experience. For example, dual digital clocks allow on and off programming for both mornings and evenings, and pre-heat mode reaches a comfortable temperature by the time programmed.

8. Pre-heat mode

Other Smart Technology integration includes an Economy Mode, allowing the heater to modulate down after 1 hour once the set temperature is reached, reducing running costs without changing the temperature. Likewise, an auto-off function when the minimum heat setting has too much heat output to maintain the set temperature. Once this auto-off function is activated, the heater turns off rather than heating the room above your desired temperature.

Types of Rinnai Energysaver Heaters

If your aim is high-performance and reliable heat in the winter, check out the types of Rinnai space heaters you can place in your home or commercial property.

1005FDT (Commercial)


Ideal for commercial applications, the 1005FDT is a popular choice for heating large, open spaces such as school halls, churches, and gymnasiums. Receiving a 4.8-star energy rating, this Energysaver can be factory-ordered with a pre-set delay timer for automatic shut-off or programmed to operate multiple heaters! The power flue also allows for multiple installation options.



Able to turn the biggest of rooms into cosy spaces, the Energysaver 100F5T is excellent for large, open-plan spaces. Heating areas up to 75m2, you can stay warm and comfortable during autumn months. Likewise, with zero emissions, it is perfect for households that struggle with respiratory issues or allergies.



Do you want to heat your small home office space? The 309FT is the tiniest Energysaver model and can fit into tight spaces. With a room-sealing power flue system and a 4.8 Energy star rating, you don’t need to worry about losing heat in your bedroom.

559FDT (Commercial)


Considered the top of its class with a 4.8 energy star rating, the 559FDT (Commercial) Energysaver is the ideal choice for safety, comfort, and efficiency. This heating solution is popular with schools, kindergartens, and childcare centres. The factory order has a pre-set delay timer for automatic shut-off.



The 559FT Energy Saver is one of the most popular heaters, perfect for placing under windows with its landscaped body. A powerful fan ensures heat is evenly spread throughout large living areas. It’s the perfect way for you and your family to stay toasty during changing weather throughout autumn!



Are you stressing about the amount of room you have in your home? The 561FT has a taller, portrait-looking body, ideal for installations in tight spaces such as corners or fixed cabinetry. Use in medium-large living areas as its powerful fan can distribute heat evenly, keeping everyone at home happy!

Rinnai Energysaver – Installation Requirements

Installed by current AS/NZS 5601 and AS/NZ 3000, the appliance is installed, maintained, and removed by an authorised person.

  • The system is checked for damage or missing parts. If anything is damaged, a supplier will be contacted for accurate advice. Before installing the Rinnai appliance, the label is checked for the correct gas type.

Rinnai Installation guide

  • The correct components are cross-checked before proceeding with an Energy Saver installation. This can include two keys for a lockable control panel door and a bolt pack containing securing brackets, head screws, and a flue adapter.

  • The heater location is considered. The heater must not be installed near combustible materials, the gas supply must be terminated outside the heater, and the electric isolation switch must be accessible after the appliance has been installed. If direct wiring is required, an electrician will be contacted.

Rinnai Installation installation

  • With flue installations, the flue is never terminated under the floor or in a roof space. ‘Down and Out’ and vertical ‘through-roof’ installations are only permitted when the flue terminal is located externally. The location of this terminal always complies with AS/NZS standards.
Rinnai Installation
  • The appliance is unpacked and checked for damage. Next, the appliance is connected to the consumer gas pipe, isolating the electrical supply from the appliance before continuing. A soapy solution tests all gas connections; bubbles form at the leak point if there is a leak.

  • The back panel is then installed. This is not an optional component and is fitted to ensure the safe operation of the appliance while also concealing and protecting flue and gas connections. Only Rinnai Energysaver flue components can be used.

  • An installation record is filled out, and the customer is shown how to operate the heater and informed of safety requirements. The end user is made aware of the servicing schedule, an Energysaver Commissioning Checklist is completed, and the operation manual is left with the customer.

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