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Signs You Need to Service Your Gas Ducted Heating

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Wondering if you need to get your gas ducted heating checked? Like a car, ducted units need a little TLC to perform at their best.

From ducts, to vents, thermostats, grilles and a core central unit, these systems come with a wide range of different components – all of which need to work in unison every time it is turned on.

“How often to service gas ducted heating?” and “does ducted heating need servicing?” are common questions. According to the VBA and Energy Safe, the general recommendation is to schedule a service once every 2-3 years. However, as we’ll go on to discuss, there are various warning signs to look out for that may call for more immediate action. If you’ve noticed any of the issues mentioned below, get on the front foot and speak to a local heating and cooling company now. 

Staying vigilant ultimately helps you to save money on expensive repairs, as well as ensure that you’re receiving all the benefits you paid for in the first place. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump right into the key signs you need a gas ducted heating service.

1. Higher Power Bills

Expensive power bills are often a tell tale sign that your heating is due for a much needed service. Of course, this goes beyond the usual price bump you’d expect around the peak of Melbourne winter.

So, how exactly are power bills and servicing related? In most cases, it all boils down to dust. As ducted heating recirculates the same air over and over again, dust will naturally build up. This dust can then accumulate across the entire system and affect overall efficiency. While it may not lead to complete technical failure, it often forces your system to work harder than usual.

The harder it has to work, the more energy it takes to run – leaving you to pick up the pieces and ultimately, fork out more money. If you’ve noticed that your ducted heating is taking longer than normal to reach the proper temperature, or it’s generally struggling to kick into gear, chances are it’s time for a professional service.

Whether you live in Melbourne or regional Victoria, there are great resources out there to check how your power bills stack up. This includes the Victorian Energy Compare website, that as you may know, also offers a generous Power Saving Bonus for your time.

2. Strange Noises

Whether it’s a car, an exhaust fan or your ducted heating, strange noises are rarely ever a good sign. Noises can be a symptom of minor or major issues, but the most important thing is to make sure you don’t ignore them. In this case, we always recommend playing it safe and scheduling in a service as soon as possible.

Some noises to keep an ear out for include:






As a general rule, a central heater should be making minimal noise. In fact, this is one of the signs that it is in good working order.

3. Technical Issues

This is one of more obvious signs of larger underlying issues. Technical faults can happen with your central thermostat, controller/remote, smart devices, zoning technology or within the central unit itself.

Whether a technical component won’t activate, takes too long to start-up or simply isn’t responding as it should, these are all signs that it’s time for a service. Here a couple of examples that ducted heating owners tend to experience

1. There is nothing being displayed on your wall controller, keypad or central thermostat.

2. An error message appears on one of the connected devices.

3. The system won’t turn on at all.

Technician Servicing Ducted Heating

4. Uneven Coverage

The ability to heat an entire home or business is a hallmark of ducted systems and by far one of their biggest advantages. This is why uneven coverage can be so frustrating, particularly if the unit fails to heat important areas like bedrooms and lounges.

If you notice distinct differences between temperature from room to room, we advise you to speak with your service provider. During a visit to your home or workplace, a certified gas heating technician can inspect the unit, check the thermostat and ultimately, discover the root cause of the issue.

There are, of course, other factors that play a role. For example, rooms where windows are left open or areas that lack access to sunlight will have natural temperature fluctuations. Outside of this, we generally advise you to stay vigilant and check for any noticeable differences.

5. Little to No Airflow

As we all struggle to stay warm in winter, the last thing anyone needs is a ducted heater with little to no airflow. Airflow issues can occur across the entire system or sometimes, within specific areas of your property. This problem is largely ductwork related, however they may be other underlying causes.

Whether nothing is coming out of the vents, or the air is only cold, there are typically two likely causes. First, the ducts are damaged. Second, the ducts and central unit are not connecting and working together as they should.

Whatever the situation may be, ducted heating maintenance is best left to the professionals, and this rule is particularly important for any airflow related issues. Qualified gas technicians have the proper equipment and expertise to get up into the ductwork in a safe manner.

While searching for a service provider, always check and verify that they have the proper licensing, experience and track record.

6. You Own an Older Unit

If you’re tossing up between organising a service or putting it off, take a second and think about the age of your ducted system. While all forms of gas ducted heating benefit from a regular service, it is even more important that you get an older unit checked by qualified professionals.

Many older gas based heaters pose a unique challenge and threat – carbon monoxide. Often dubbed as a ‘silent killer’, the spread of carbon monoxide has been shown to cause serious health issues. This is especially relevant to anyone that is exposed to it over periods of time.

Today, we now know the extent and seriousness of this treat. Even if your household heating doesn’t have a monoxide problem, it certainly doesn’t hurt to get it checked. Scheduling a service is also a great time to speak with a technician about replacement and upgrades. Newer systems are not only more safe, but also more efficient, effective and user-friendly.

Gas Ducted Heating Service

What Will a Service Involve?

A service generally involves thorough check-ups of core components (both physical and technical), as well as key functions and safety features.

Let’s quickly explore some of these steps in greater detail:

  1. Thermostat tests
  2. Checking the heat exchanger for physical damage
  3. Air grille and filter cleaning/maintenance
  4. General performance tests
  5. Checking airflow
  6. Inspecting the gas connection
  7. Completing spot repairs (if necessary)
  8. Inspecting any add-on cooling or zoning features (where applicable)

Beyond the basics, each service depends on the age, brand, size and state of your ducted system when the technician arrives. Price will also vary depending on the service provider.

If you own gas ducted heating in Diamond Creek or Donvale, a service is a great way to improve efficiency, extend the lifespan and avoid any safely related issues. 

Play it Safe and Speak to the Professionals

Do any of these signs strike a chord with you? If so, reach out to a licensed gas heating specialist as soon as possible. This is also a good idea if it’s been 2-3 years since installation or the last service. Gas based appliances require specific expertise, experience and the ability to identify any underlying issues. Luckily, the Absolute Airflow team has all bases covered. Our technicians are also adaptable, timely and down-to-earth. 

We can service gas ducted heating in Heidelberg, Glen Waverley, and various other suburbs across Metro Melbourne. Get on the front foot and get your gas heating checked today!

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